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  • Loan Management System

    Lending is the principal business activity for most lending institution such as Rural Credit Operator, Porn Shop, Lending in Family Business,…etc.

    what we do

    The main functions in Loan Management System are:

    • Customer Information
    • Customer Loan Account
    • Loan Schedule
    • Loan Repayment
    • Pay Off Transaction
    • Reschedule
    • Overdue Report
    • Interest Income Report
    • Loan Outstanding Report
    • Collateral Management
  • Micro Insurance System

    Micro Insurance is the protection of low-income people against specific perils in exchange for regular premium payment proportionate to the likelihood and cost of the risks involved.

    what we do

    The main functions in Micro Insurance System are:

    • Customer Information
    • Customer Loan Account
    • Insurance Product
    • Accounting Transaction of Insurance Account
    • Multi Transaction
    • Financial Statement Report
    • Insurance Accounting Listing
    • Insurance Income Report
  • Humance Resource Management System

    Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on the recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in an organization.

    what we do

    The main functions in Human Resource Management System are:

    • Employee Profile
    • Employee Contract
    • Employee Resign
    • Leave Request
    • Payroll Management
    • Tax on Salary Calculation
    • Employee Time Sheet
  • Mobile App Report

    Mobile App Report helps you manage your business transaction in a minute. You can go anywhere and see your volume of sale or profit/loss report immediately in your smartphone. Manage your business by using smartphone.

  • Dental/Clinic Management System

    Dental Management System provides a comprehensive features to the dentist to manage the patient information. This Management System is easy-to-use, full-featured dental office software that completely integrates dental practice management, digital imaging and patient clinical charting.

    what we do

    The main functions in Dental/Clinic Management System are:

    • Patient Management
    • Treatment Plan Management
    • Appointment Management
    • Invoice and Payment Management
    • Staff Management
    • Services Management
    • Reporting
  • Fixed Asset Management System

    Fixed Asset Management helps you manage your physical and fixed assets. Companies face significant challenges in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, and depreciation statuses of their assets.

    what we do

    The main functions in Fixed Asset Management System are:

    • Fixed Asset Registration
    • Fixed Asset Movement
    • Fixed Asset Disposal
    • Repairing Record
    • Fixed Asset Depreciation
    • Fixed Asset Depreciation by Classes
    • Expendable Asset Management
    • Stationary Management
  • Financial Solutions

    We work with you to develop strategies that are directly aligned with your needs and aspirations.

    what we do

    We also provide you financial solution services such as:

    • Prepare standard od financial statement
    • Tax Issues
    • Monthly & Yearly Tax Declarations
    • Analyze business structure


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